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domestic and national automation systems

Targe Automation

Our company, the foundations of which were laid as a university research project in 2015, today serves under the TARGE brand. TARGE Automation Industry and Trade Inc. It produces agricultural automation systems with the slogan of “Domestic and National Automation Systems”.

Targe Automation

TARGE automation device; Developed with REAL COMPUTER based on LINUX. The software solutions we have developed offer adaptable solutions to all kinds of NEW TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTS. Thanks to the TARGE Automation Device, controls and records in production are more manageable and traceable in line with developing and changing customer needs.

Targe Fertilizer & Irrigation Systems

The TARGE Irrigation and Fertilization System, developed to ensure that the products receive the nutrients they need under appropriate conditions, is an advanced technology control and monitor system that facilitates irrigation and fertilization. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly system developed by our software and R&D team as a result of long studies.

TARGE Irrigation and Fertilization Automation is a system that allows the producer to manage irrigation and fertilization needs according to time or product needs. With this system, you can easily manage the nutrients your products need through the automation interface with both the manufacturer and your consultant.

Targe Air Conditioning Systems

With the Climate Control System, you can constantly control and balance the outside weather conditions and the climate variables in it during all four seasons, thanks to the region-based climate controls. Thanks to the system, you get high comfort and reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

When you have the Climate Control System, you can access the climate information remotely via a computer or mobile phone; It becomes possible for you to determine different air-conditioning degrees for different parts of your agricultural areas and to enable them to be activated at the desired time and time intervals.


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