Things to Know About Greenhouses

In order to create suitable weather and environmental conditions in which plants can live, covered building elements made of light-transmitting materials such as glass, plastic, fiberglass are called greenhouses. If the environment has a temperate climate and fruit-vegetable cultivation is done, greenhouses are generally made under glass cover in greenhouses where vegetables are grown, and greenhouses under plastic cover for fruits. For this reason, fruit and vegetable cultivation in Turkey is generally carried out in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. The reason for this is that the climate in these regions is milder than other environments.

POSITIVE EFFECTS OF AGRICULTURE WITH A GREENHOUSE. Fruits and vegetables, which are small in size and can grow naturally outside, can be grown in greenhouses under glass and plastic covers. In every season, the desired product can be grown by providing the developing technology and optimum environmental conditions, and besides, the yield of the plants produced in the greenhouse is higher.

WHAT ARE THE GREENHOUSE TYPES? Greenhouses are divided into 2 main groups according to their physical characteristics and height. When Classified as a Physical Feature; roofless greenhouses, single roof greenhouses and multi-roof greenhouses are divided into 3 groups. In roofless greenhouses; These are greenhouses built between 2 walls that form the terraces on lands with too much slope. Single-roof greenhouses; They are greenhouses that are flat but established on small lands. Multi-roof greenhouses, on the other hand, are greenhouses that are flat but established on large lands. When greenhouses are classified according to their height; They are divided into 2 groups as low roof greenhouses and high roof greenhouses. Low-roofed greenhouses are usually installed in cold and windy areas. Short plants are grown in low-roofed greenhouses. High-roofed greenhouses are the type of greenhouse used in hot regions and regions where the product grown is tall.

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